We supply and install a variety of waterproofing materials, including bituminous membranes, EPDM rubber sheets, PVC foils, and various liquid based materials. All materials are sourced from manufacturers with a quality management system in place.

Ruberit PE 2000, an APP (Atactic Poly Propylene) modified membrane, is design to be used in a built up roofing system as a base layer and/or top layer. (technical data)

Ruberflex SBS 2000, a SBS (Styrene Butadiene Styrene) modified membrane, is designed to be used on roofs and basements where high flexibility is required. The bituminous compound developed for this material has elongation properties of 2000 %. (technical data)

Esha Universal, POCB (Poly Olefin Copolymer Binder) modified membrane, is designed to be applied in various ways and on various applications. The material can be torched or hot air applied, mechanically fixed or glued to the structure. The PET re-enforcement is throughout the membrane, which contributes to the puncture resistance and ensures zero shrinkage. (technical data)

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Di Monomer) roofing membranes are designed to be used on various built up roofing systems, either inverted, exposed, and so called garden roofs. (technical data)

We supply and install cladding materials for both wall and roof cladding projects. With Rigidal Industries as our main supplier, we have access to the latest development in both aluminium and steel cladding systems and its accessories. (www.rigidal-industries.com)

Industrial Flooring
The Latexfalt® modified bitumen and resin screed flooring systems are used in industrial areas such as distribution depots, and parking buildings. This in-situ seamless screed floor allows high point loading and is laid with accurate tolerances required in high racking warehouses. (www.latexfalt.com)